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Telfords Burton Ale

This recipe for Telfords Burton Ale requires the full mash process to complete. It is a simple recipe & a good starting point if you are new to mash brewing. Telfords is a very drinkable proffesional ale.

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Pale & Black malt should be mashed for 90 minutes at a constant temperature of 67 degrees celcius to create a wort mixture.

When flavouring your wort with hops, add 70g of the Goldings & boil for a full 90 minutes. 15 minutes before the end of the 90 minutes, add another 20g Goldings & 5g of Irish Moss.

Original gravity will be around 1050 with a final gravity of 1012 after fermentation.

This is a forty pint recipe, which produces an alcohol content (ABV) of approximately 5.1%

Full instructions, tips & techniques plus many other recipes can be found in the book:

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