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Beer Concentrate Kit

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Step 1

Buy the basic set of equipment that you will require.

  • 25L Fermenting Bucket & Lid

  • Syphon

  • Syphon Tube (1M)

  • Thermometer

  • Hydrometer

  • Long Plastic Spoon

See more details about the Beer Concentrate Kit (KIT004)

Step 2

Buy some cans of beer concentrate. We recommend the following 40 bottle concentrates:-

Step 3

Buy some steriliser for cleaning your beer making equipment:-

Step 4

Consider adding a heat belt to your shopping list, which is useful to get fermentation started and to keep fermenting beer at the right temperature during the winter months:-

Step 5

Are you going to barrel (recommended) or bottle your beer:-



Step 6

Once you've made your choices then you can enter the store and click the checkout button to complete your order.


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