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Beer Making

The beer making section of the Advice Centre provides useful help and advice for those brewers interested in making a multitude of quality beers from beer kits, malt extract or by using the full mash process.

Beginner? - A good way to start brewing your own beer is to buy a beer concentrate kit. Beer kits provide a quick and easy method of making very palatable beer, in a relatively short space of time. The quality will never be as good as for malt extract, or especially fully mashed beers, but none the less, a decent pint can be attained. Only minimal equipment is required to start brewing from beer kits and this equipment is all still required when you move onto the next stage of malt extract brewing.

Ready for the next step? - The next step up the quality/complexity ladder is to use a malt extract kit to brew your beer. This technique requires a little more experience and gives you a little more control over the finished product. The resulting beers are generally of a higher quality than those made with the basic concentrate kits. The only extra equipment required is a large boiler (around 5 gallons) for boiling the ingredients.

Advanced? - So you've brewed the beer kits and used malt extract to make beer, now you're looking for that quality beer and maximum control over the finished results. It's time to try the full mash kit. The full mash process is not unlike the process utilised by commercial breweries, but just on a smaller scale. Here we take the raw ingredients of malted barley and hops (amongst other things) to produce a pint that should rival any served in the real ale pubs of Britain. Further equipment is required here including a mash tun. Serious brewers can take over a whole room or garage with wort coolers and the like, but you can get started with our full mash kit. 

If you're just starting out and need to purchase some equipment then check out the Beginner's Kits section first.


Using the Beer Concentrate Kit

Brewing using Malt Extract

The Full Mash Process




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